6 Mantras For Successful Content Creation image 274604 l srgb s glWorking as a Content Curator on the Business Innovation site has given me the incredible opportunity to get a firsthand look at all types of content, even creating some myself. I am still on my journey to find the “secret sauce” for what works with the audience reading my content. Throughout that time I’ve had a first row seat, learning what some of the best bloggers on the Internet do to create successful content.

Not too long ago HubSpot published a blog on the 5 Habits of Highly Successful Content Creators.

I’d like to add a few of my own as well.

1. The best writers are readers, and curators too

The ideas for great content don’t come out of thin air. Bloggers are obsessed with their industry, as well as others that blend into it. When you know what’s going on, you’ll be better equipped to write content that your audience is interested in hearing.

2. Work out your writing muscle

I’m not suggesting you blog every day, but when you don’t use something you tend to forget how to do it. HubSpot offers up a great tip, write every day or every other day. It doesn’t have to be a completed blog, but take the time to write down a few ideas and starter sentences. You may not use that content for some time, but it’s there for you to tackle when the moment strikes.

3. Don’t be afraid to be challenging and controversial

Some of the best articles on Business Innovation have had incredibly controversial titles and even more challenging content. By challenging I mean it is content that takes a hard look at the status quo, then offers up a different point of view or even an untraditional solution to the question. Obviously don’t write anything profane, but keep mind everybody loves a little drama.

4. Embrace the role of an educator

Content creators are in a unique position to offer something very special, knowledge. Many of these individuals contributing to the conversations in your industry, LoB, or interest area are experts or asking enough questions to get there soon enough. You can be that person too. Blogging gives you an excellent opportunity to share your unique point of view on certain topics. Don’t waste time writing about your product, give the reader what they’re looking for, and most of the time that’s an answer to their question.

5. Figure out what high quality content means to you

This takes trial and error. Create a few pieces all with different approaches. Then look at the metrics like page views, leads (if applicable), social shares, and comments. When you find a set of numbers you’d like to see, don’t ever stop trying to hit those benchmarks with your content. The numbers will be a direct tell if your audience likes it or not, but it never hurts to stop and ask yourself before publishing: is this actually what my audience wants? Will this piece address their needs, wants, and interests?

6. Embrace your curious nature

Curiosity is what compels great content writers to come up with even better content. Why? Because, with curiosity drives an individual to learn more about a certain something. It encourages them to look at all angles, asking incessant questions. HubSpot puts it best when they say, “it’s the insights that come from

[this] inherent curiosity that makes great content”.

Hopefully these tips help you on your content creation journey. Let us know if there’s another you think should be added to this list!