Indy Sites has been around since 1994.  Back then it was a side job for me while I spent my days in a cubicle planning my escape.  I am Jim Bisesi the founder and CEO of Indy Sites LLC and I spent over 17 years in corporate web development.  This means designing and developing sites to fit whatever business need arose.  I’ll never forget that when I landed my job at FOX59 I was asked to post school closings on our website.  The problem was that it meant coming into work downtown at 4am on the snowiest days of the year.  So I went back to my computer and create an small  application that pulled the school closing information from the on-air database and updated the website.  I set it to run every 30 seconds so the website was always updated…and most importantly I could stay home.  Here’s the point, if you need something done and your not quite sure how to make it work.  Let’s talk it over.  I can help.